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Your employees have fallen into the routine? Is the company missing harmony? Do you notice drop in sales and lack of lasting business relationships? Are you wondering what to do in this situation?

Organize your company event in the form of a city game! We increase the efficiency of employees because we realize that a well-trained and motivated team is the determinant of a success.

The key to success is a right motivation!

Tasks developed by our team, trigger creativity in players and show how to learn to break stereotypes and to release the spirit of competition in a positive way.

Are you looking for an unexampled form of promotion? City Games is also a great opportunity to organize a promotional campaign for your product. We increase visibility and consolidate the image of company, products and brand, so that product become more prominent in the consciousness of our customers.

At each stage of the tour, participants gain knowledge of the promoted product and finally guess the dedicated password.

Another form of promotion is to complete the part of the product so that so that at the end put it all together.

An interesting form of urban game is its connection with charity Action – we help the needy or with the eco project.

Exceptional prizes await the winners, starting with interesting book entries, tastings, supper or workshops and ending with investment stones that captivate by their appearance.

Through a well-organized event, we help our clients to gain loyalty to consumers, business partners and employees.

Sample realizations:

''Your Highness, Dinner is served!''

On every Thursday King Stanislaw August used to invite guests to dinner at his residence. In the summer guests came to the Royal Baths. Modern people called these meetings „wise dinner”, because in a small circle of artists, philosophers and representatives of science, fascinating debates on the culture of Poland and Europe were held at the table. The king loved and appreciated them, and the royal chef went out of his way to provide them with a proper culinary setting. The news of the king’s dinner was echoing, as the Commonwealth was long and wide, and the royal invitation to attend them was a great distinction and an honour. These dinners have come to history as Thursday dinners.

You take the form of an inhabitant of the Enlightenment of Warsaw to be a guest in the royal rooms. You need to have extensive knowledge of the summer residence of King Stanisław August Poniatowski, of the court manners and explore the secrets of the court of a monarch.

Duration: 3-4h

On request photo relation either reproduction of a city game or a music video

''Paris of the North''

Pre-war Warsaw is a legend today. Photographers, painters and writers are eager to reach out, painting images, paints and words to redecorate her irretrievably lost beauty. Visitors from the East considered Warsaw a western city full of attractive buildings and western bewitchment. Then she was really famous and gorgeous, she had a truly world style. The elegance, the gardens, the tenement houses, the cabarets, the cafes and the dancing … It’s time to travel in the when … Northern Paris is waiting for you! You will know the world of ancient Warsaw, a city called Paris of the North. You will see not only its streets and squares, you will know culture, fashion, customs, entertainment, night life, famous places and people. You will learn what was the 19th century capital of Poland.

Duration: 3-4h

On request photo relation either reproduction of a city game or a music video

''The charm of the queues''

Feeling hopeless at times of empty shopping shelves and delightful running after toilet paper, you will integrate your team through a game aimed at gathering items difficult to obtain in the 1980s. You will hunt for unused rarities such as tights, toilet paper or food cards. …

At each stage, individual tasks are also scheduled, which will mark the path of our Polish-American character heroes. As part of your pursuit of the atmosphere of the hidden place-pearls in Prague, our beloved favourite by our crooks dark alleys, where time stopped at least 30 years ago!

The dynamic life style of the centre of Warsaw contrasts with the artistic inaccuracy of Prague. We like – that is why our specialist Warsaw guides will introduce you to the company of goodfellas . The actors on the PRL route … Antique cars … Cooking dumplings in a milk bar … PRL-gadgets – maps, descriptions of games, objects … The Plant Manager as a Game Coordinator … Grand Finale with a speech in the  flat, which is by birth from Communism, where one finds out, what did he  collect and who has been the winner of these socialist struggles for a better tomorrow! And the snacks and appetizers of Barei’s era.

Duration: 3-4h

On request photo relation either reproduction of a city game or a music video

''Culinary in Warsaw''

By the stomach to heart, thus you exactly fall in love with the capital! Although for the uninitiated people typical Warsaw cuisine is quite peculiar, especially in the form of delicacies themselves. You have to try pyzy from Różyc or the tripe. Gefilte fisz? Unusual dessert experience will be a combination of typical nalewka with creamy Zygmuntówka according to old Warsaw recipe. We will not betray you the rest, join us on a tour of Warsaw delicacies by restaurants, pubs and classy bars.

Duration: 3-4h

On request photo relation either reproduction of a city game or a music video

Tastings and workshops

Whiskey tasting

Journey to noble alcohols . The main tasting theme and beverages are always tailored to the profile of the event. Bankers will find out about whiskey auctions; the board members about building collections; and the managers about why it is better order whiskey at the bar and not at the table.

Wine tasting

Alcohols from all over the world gathered in one place are a unique opportunity to get to know the variety of aromas and tastes and to find your favourite wine. The presentation is full of practical tips to help you choose a bottle in the restaurant, choose the right glass or create a private collection.

Tasting cigars

Cigars have always been associated with business dinner and informal meetings. Enjoy the journey through the extraordinary and full of secrets of the cigar world. The participants have the opportunity to smoke cigars of different taste and style. Each participant will receive professional tasting cards and descriptions of each cigar manufacturer that will be tasted.

Duration: 3-4h

On request photo relation either reproduction or a music video



A veritable chocolate is not only a sweet snack, it is also a wonderful gift and opportunity to organize an event that will remain for long in the memory of business partners, contractors or employees. We invite you to a meeting with chocolate!


Gingerbreads in heart and star shape. Gingerbreads with walnuts, almonds and coriander. Decorated with grains, extruded from the mould, decorated with icing – a base for decorative variations. Welcome to the gingerbread world, where spicy aromas make us dizzy! The favorite gingerbread time is the one that precedes Christmas.


Company meeting in a completely new formula. Joint celebration of business success or surprise for business partners. Dinner quite different from the typical company dinner organized in the restaurant. Combining training, an integration event and a meeting where participants can get to know each other and talk in an informal atmosphere. Workshops in the form of active classes guarantee a common cooking, wine tasting and integration between participants.


Scenarios referring to a particular customer or business profile. Film workshops as part of a corporate event are one of the most interesting forms of integration in the company. Shooting films at an integration event for many can be a dream come true even for a moment to become a movie star.

Sample scenarios of film workshops:

  • filming advertising of products
  • best cinema scenes in the world
  • best scenes from Polish comedies
  • music video
  • flash mob

Is grey amber really cachalot’s vomit? Is it true that musk helps to seduce men? What is civet and what role does it play in perfumes? What are the smells that work on women? For these and other questions you will receive answers during the common discovery and mixing of scents.

Duration: 3-4h

On request photo relation either reproduction or a music video

Years of experience in organization and implementation of corporate events guarantee the success of every project entrusted to us!

Write to us and we will create your own event program for you and your needs. We provide advice, creativity and experience.

Do not wait! Contact us!

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