Discover Poland! Experience Authentic Poland with our Fresh Escapades!

„In Poland beats the heart of the world”

Norman Davies

Feel the heartbeat of old Europe!

Poland boasts its rich 1000 year old heritage! We are the true heart of Europe at the crossroads of its major routes.

Come and experience our unique folk and urban culture shaped both by the West and East.

Taste our original and healthy dishes and famous vodkas!

Enjoy vibrant nightlife of Warsaw and Krakow to feel the spirit of Polish spontaneity.

Let us reveal you the secrets of our charming cities with their dramatic history.

Get the real adventure in the last wildlife reserves of Europe and then relax in the famous 19th century quality spa resorts.

Discover the land of inspiring contrasts!

Our approach to travel is best summed up in two words: authentic discovery and escape commercial boredom, so rare in travel industry these days… Poland is a perfect choice for true travellers as it lies in the very heart of Europe – yet it still remains so distant and undiscovered for many. Be our guest and feel the spirit of unparalleled spontaneity! Penetrate into natural diversiy of Poland and enjoy real, fresh adventure. Taste some of our exotic delicacies, based on the healthiest fruit and vegetables in Europe. See the value of our rich culture and visit original cities with interesting history at the crossroads of major routes. Poland is more than 1000 years old!

We, Poles, love to party and enjoy life without constraints! We love to share the spirit of spontaneity, romantic adventure and nature! You’ll understand our complicated history while exploring our cities in-depth, you’ll learn to speak one of most difficult languages in the world – sharing authentic Polish experience of adventure escapades into our wild mountains, mysterious pagan lakes of Mazury or oldest, primeval forest of Europe! You’ll try the unfamiliar and taste our delicacies just to cherish life in a new way. After all that, just relax and choose from an array of quality spas at good price. Friendly people, divine landscapes and fresh air will make you look and feel healthy. So why don’t you come and see us again? That is really easy with our competitive prices and endless options for new discovery! So just try and we’ll care for the rest!

Think about that!

  • Poland is so green and natural. Why don’t you get on a bike and explore divine scenery of the Polish Tatra – the highest mountain range of Eastern Europe inhabited by brown bears and wild goats. Challenge the oldest, primaeval forest of prehistoric Europe in Białowieża. 500 year old oak trees and nearly extinct huge and majestic bisons are still there!
  • Poland has one of the largest fresh water resources in Europe! So don’t miss rafting adventure with our highlanders in turbulent waters of Dunajec River Gorge in the Pieniny Mountains; slide your kayak into the Czarna Hańcza river and challenge 19th century Russian water locks amid wild forest and 1000 divine lakes of Masuria. Try yachting and set off into largest lakes of Europe!
  • Poland lies in the south coast of the Baltic Sea, the „cold sea of medieval merchants” who founded the first European Union in history – known as the Hanza League. hundreds of years ago! Face that imposing architectural heritage of our major port – Gdańsk with its heavy, red-brick style. Set your foot in the place where the World War II began and communism ended.
  • The Baltic is very mysterious and still hides its numerous treasures. Opt for sailing or diving experience and travel down to the past exploring some of our wrecks.
  • Poland and its boundless natural woods in the East remain the core of old, hunting tradition. Track and challenge wild boar, roe, deer, fox, or many other wild species in and take part in our hunting rituals. Taste the best of our traditional cuisine based on fresh game and healthy, organic food from the Polish countryside.
  • Polish villages will inspire you with their colourful and romantic folklore. Become a member of a peasant family for a few days and learn how to bake a bread, plow the field or milk a cow… In the course of diverse farming works you’ll understand our Polish lifestyle and get the basics of our difficult, rustling language.
  • Poland is also vast stretches of natural wetlands and weird, foggy fortresses. Polish bird sanctuaries are well known paradise for professional ornithologists yet they also attract all these going to meditate and become one with nature. Go fishing or get onto a wooden raft in the bird-singing Biebrza River and escape civilization!
  • Poland seen from a bird’s-eye view looks so romantic, like an intricate mosaic of colourful fields, rivers and woods. Treat yourself with this top adventure and ascend to the sky in a paraglider or baloon. Some of the forgotten, sandy beaches of the Baltic coast, or rocky peaks and mountain lakes of the Polish Tatra are best for it.

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