Royal Lazienki

Drop in to „the happiest place in Warsaw”, the most refined park of the capital and the eighteenth-century summer residence of King Stanislaw II August, where time truly stopped 230 years ago … Owing to professional and specially selected guides you will delight and fully understand the soul as well as the message of each royal interiors, works of art or intricate ornaments.

Follow the path of life’s vicissitudes and breakthrough events in the life of King Stanislaw II August to touch the living relics of eighteenth-century history and to know the lesser-known image of the king contrary to popular stereotypes.

Do not wait! Plan your visit with the king yet today !

We are proud of the fact that Escape & Explore Club is the official partner of the Royal Lazienki Museum in favour of which guided tours in both Polish and foreign languages testify: EN / BE / UK / BG / ES / ZH / IT / FR / DE / RU / PT / TR / HU / HE / AR.
We invite you to shared sightseeing of the Palace on the Island, the Old Orangery and the Royal Theatre, Myšlewicki Palace, the White House and a walk through the charming Royal Gardens.

We also invite you to get acquainted yourself with the tour offers:

  1. History of Poland in Royal Baths. XVIII, XIX and XX century in the architecture and art of the Royal Baths. (Variants for different ages)
  2. History of art in Royal Baths. Antique, baroque, classicism and King Stanislaw II August’s style (style stanisławowski ) in the Royal Baths’ s realizations. (For adolescents and adults)
  3. Climate of the eighteenth century. Walk with Stanislaw August and other regulars of the Royal Baths in the costume of the epoch.
  4. Photo expedition. For the most beautiful pictures in the Lazienki (Baths) Park. (Option „in costumes”, we provide a professional photographer)
  5. By traces of everyday life of the inhabitants of the 18th and 19th centuries. Culinary, entertainment and everyday problems of the old inhabitants of the Royal Baths.
  6. Artistic. Excursion into the atmosphere of the eighteenth-century Stanislaw August Theatre with recitations and theatre workshops (for young people and adults)

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